And the last point is to decorate a tank in such a way that you leave space for your bettas to hide. Now, look- my little piece here is not exactly an earth-shattering, hard-hitting expose on this... We've had these discussions in the hobby for decades. Plus, educating the public about this aspect of the Betta gives us an opportunity to create new aquarium hobbyists, and for people to understand the world around them... Now, look, breeders often keep these fishes in temporary quarters and in containers which are not exactly what what many hobbyists would consider as "permanent" or "optimal" for many hobbyists' skillsets and aspirations. 6 years ago. So stick between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. I mean, otherwise, you'd have like 50 male bettas scattered throughout the store in 50 different tanks, right? Like when you are decorating the tank leaves enough space for bettas to move around don fill up the tank with just decoration. Tannins. Thanks :). Being found in the water many wild bettas live in, these leaves can assist in stimulating the natural environment these guys have thrived in for millennia. June 2015 Look Bettas are one of the most elegant and beautiful fishes and also one of the most mistreated fishes. Ideally, a 5-or 10- gallon heated, filtered tank for a single male is optimal, right? Now, the "pet shops" part is a bit of a challenge; however, at least these people have some skills and passion for animals. And most of us agree that the way these fishes are typically presented to the public is problematic. Betta breeders and longtime betta keepers know what Indian Almond Leaves (IAL) are. Areas which need a bit more discussion and clarification. Your email address will not be published. Thanks, I just didn't see any Hendra On her wilds lists , also when searching Betta Hedra they did not seem as colourful as the pair shown. A better way? If you live in Oz, Jodi-Lea is the one seller I recommend for anyone into wild bettas. I think that, as we constantly discuss the pressures facing the aquarium hobby, that the idea of educating ourselves and the public about the habitats from which these fishes hail is the way to go. And I am 100% satisfied. December 2015 Ever thought why this long gap in the lifespan of betta? March 2016 Therefore when you keep too much light in the tank they get nervous and tries to hide. Now, it's easy for me, who doesn't face the economic realities of owning a brick-and-mortar fish store, to sit here and take "pot shots" at this practice. October 2014 You are probably going to have to wait until they come in again. When you dig a little deeper, as many experienced Betta enthusiasts have, you find out that they generally come from much larger, more permanent, and thickly vegetated habitats than we commonly perceive them. So to keep them calm and happy install the light with dimming adjustment so that you can judge where your betta remains happy. I usually boil peat moss, or at least let it soak in water for a couple of days before I add it to my tank. Because when bettas get nervous they hide. And what happens, as a result, is that they are "humanely" kept in little bowls and cups and displayed this way at fairs and carnivals and even at pet shops. (I have 4 guppies and 2 dwarf frogs currently). My answer to this question is no. So what I would suggest is to keep bettas in aquariums the bigger the aquarium the happy the fish. Hopefully, this embarrassingly generalized, incredibly short visit to the "alt Betta" world may have provided you with some incentive to look more closely at these captivating fishes, and to keep them in far more natural, interesting conditions than you may have previously even considered. Just think of an example of the human body as all human body needs a certain type of temperature to stay alive and healthy. Bettas are often called Japanese fighting fish. That was not the point...However, I think such a presentation can create a discussion on this stuff, right? June 2016 Bettas can live along with other fishes but do the research and if your betta gets angry to any other fish separate them as quickly as possible, These tips are for first-timers. These are amazing dimming adjustment lights to suit your requirements check it out. The best treats out there are Brine Shrimp Eggs. Otherwise, in my peat moss 'stocking balls', I just used it straight from the bag as the peat was contained and after a little while they sunk to the bottom of the tank. driftwoods. Keep sharing! It is up to you if you want to use this additive for disease prevention. November 2016 Common Diseases. To decorate the aquariums for betta fish. If the temperature gets lower betta fish starts acting lazy and starts swimming at the bottom of the tank or don’t swim at all. Females are often kept in "sorority" situations, with several in one aquarium (we have many Betta fans who do blackwater aquariums for their "sororities!"). Perpetuating the "Betta bowl" thing without this context is the real disconnect here. Keep exploring. October 2016 Tannins. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have talked about the atmosphere to keep bettas in my Best Pet Fishes article check it out. If one Betta dies they will buy a new one. Many of you have  shared with us a number of cool shots of your wild Betta botanical-style aquariums, and these are perfectly suited to these unique fish! Bettas require water that is 76 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. February 2015 Sure, they are kept in cups because they can survive for a time in  because they can breathe air when the oxygen level in the water gets too low (ie; when the water quality declines), and therefore sellers will use the cups for convenience. November 2014 10 Must-Have Affordable Products For Pet Bird Owners, Alaskan Malamutes Care Tips With Alaskan Malamutes Growth Table, 10 Amazing Care Tips To Know Before Getting A Betta Fish. Ok here is the deal nobody wants to live alone. May 2016 I have talked about the atmosphere to keep bettas in my, So to keep them calm and happy install the, Bettas are carnivores so they like food with high protein, therefore, I suggest you should feed betta, Recently I have purchased fish food on an amazingly cheap price than the market from amazon, Look there is a misconception going on about bettas that these fish originate from mud so that’s why they don’t need fresh water. Boogle. is lunacy. answer #2. That’s wrong. Alder cones, like Indian Almond leaves, impart … That’s just BS. July 2016 What about water quality, temperature control, etc...? These treats give essential proteins that help your fish to grow strong and healthy and also they help them to freshen their colors so they look beautiful and shiny. However, they are willing to put in the work to maintain these containers and such. What happens if you keep betta fish below 78 degrees Fahrenheit? They have good jumping capabilities for a reason, right? The quality and health of her stock is superb. But what to do with bettas fish as they are aggressive and territorial they attack and kill other fishes especially their breed. The fish stores are probably the best place for this practice, because they typically have qualified, knowledgable fish people taking care of them while there, and access to better equipment, food, and water... Oh, and the better qualified caregivers are in a position to explain to potential purchasers that these fish actually require some care and skill to keep healthy and happy. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, I currently keep and breed a number of species from the coccina complex. Oh, and the fact that male bettas can and do beat the shit out of each other when kept in aquariums together has helped make the "cup thing" as a "standard", if not "preferred" method to keep them in many retail situations. Water. July 2014 When we understand the wild habitat of the fishes we keep, we can strive to at least replicate them on some levels, right? They're not the aquatic equivalent of an "Air Plant" or "Pet Rock!" Whether you like them or loathe them, tannins go hand-in-hand with keeping wild bettas. But you have to research according to your fish whereas bettas like it. They understand the basics of fish care, and employ practices which assure the health and well-being of their fishes religiously...And of course, just because we can keep them this way doesn't mean it's the proper thing for the fish, or for newcomers to the hobby, right? They don’t like too much light in their tank. I think, however, that we can use this longstanding practice as a springboard to more sustainable aquarium practices. March 2013 And of course, with all of these interesting species, there are, of course, some which have adapted to different types of niches, like under leaves and submerged branches, etc. Tannins are great for fish that prefer soft, acidic water (like bettas) because they naturally lower the pH. December 2013 Some of the most enduring fantasies in our hobby are the way we perceive certain fishes are "comfortable" being kept. or bad? The variety of Betta species is so incredible, each with unique color patterns, morphology, and requirements that you might just devote a bunch of tanks to them...a really fascinating "hobby within a hobby!". Nearly all of the betta species I keep come from black water environments such as peat swamps, which is why I am so liberal with the use of tannins in my aquariums. August 2015 So it is recommended to keep bettas in slow water flow. Of course, this is where my interest comes in...They are often found in habitats that are just like the ones we play with: Tannin-stained, botanical-material packed, and uniquely interesting! February 2016 Bettas are tropical fishes that’s why the best temperature for your betta fish would be 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. And a number of you have created dedicated paludarium-type tanks just for wild Betta species, and your fish rooms are filled with blackwater/botanical systems designed to permanently house many of these interesting species. Not only would this address the correct way to keep these, I suppose it boils down to us as a hobby doing a better job at communicating to the general public the optimal conditions to keep these fishes under. I suppose it boils down to us as a hobby doing a better job at communicating to the general public the optimal conditions to keep these fishes under.