Hi Douglas – You can also use half water / half coconut milk, you can save the broth and use it for a soup, or someone also mentioned that they mix some of the broth with the ketchup and add it to the ceviche – personally I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know how it will turn out but it sounded interesting. I’ll have to give it a try. what do I do with the liquid when the shrimp is done cooking??? I add a little bit of white wine or beer..It’s delicious!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was looking for a recipe for guatita and found your site. Enjoy! Thanks! This ceviche dish is amazing. Thank you. So if you have any health concerns or aren’t comfortable with the idea of trying to make homemade fish ceviche – which is typically raw fish “cooked” by the acidity of lime juice – then this one is perfect for you, especially if you want to try it for the first time. I’m planning on making this and would love to know how exactly you cook the shrimp in the beer, please! Thanks! I’m not Colombian, but I am married to one! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I made it with beer. This Ceviche de Camarones or Shrimp Ceviche is very popular on the coast of Colombia, but it is also enjoyed throughout the country. Never have had a complaint. I was born in Quito and my family moved from the sierra to the coast annually it seems. Thank you for the excellent ceviche recipe. I briefly cooked the shrimp as I described earlier (water, salt, and lime) then mixed it with the mango salsa. I will post these other variations of shrimp ceviche later. Maybe even better……………. Refrigerate and serve cold over patacones or saltine crackers. I love how this is considered a hangover cure. Laylita you are now my favorite recipe website of all time. If so, how is it served? Great site! Privacy and Terms. I never heard of ceviche with tabasco, instead true Ecuadorians eat it with AJI, which is a hot sauce made with onions, tree tomatoes, and Hot chilli peppers, but never Tabasco, that would ruin the flavor… PEace!!! You just need a small amount of liquid to cook the shrimp, so about 1/2 cup. If serving as a small appetizer, or part of tasting menu in small glasses, then you could stretch it to serve 16-20. It’s easing my feelings of home sickness! Filed Under: All-Time Favorites, Appetizers and Snacks Tagged With: My favorites, Traditional Colombian. Thanks again for all these great recipes! This recipe was very similar and equally as good as the ceviche I bought from the vendors on the beach. yum. Thanks for sharing all these great recipes. THE BAD THING IS THAT MY SHIRIMP IS PRE COOK THE NEX TIME I’M GOING TO TRY COOK IT IN BEER. You can also blend the shrimp peels/heads with a fresh tomato and some broth - strain it and use this mix instead of the ketchup. Only true way to eat it! I lived in Guayaquil for about a year, I had some amazing ceviches there! I just wanted to tell you i made this yummy cevishe recipe and my husband (who is from ecuador ) absolutley LOVED it …..he said it was better than any of the ecuadorian restuarants he ever ate it from so that made me very happy! This ceviche was delicious. Made this dish w/ out many adjustments and it was delicious! If it is any better than this one it will be out of this world! I lived in Quito until I was 18 and my family moved back to Canada. In Ecuador I have in some locations been served corn-nuts with the ceviche. Gracias! This was my first time making ceviche, but I consumed a lot of it in the month that I spent on the coast in Ecuador. Reminds me of my dear mother in law who taught me so many delicious Colombian recipes……. Its helps give the sauce a certain flavor! I made this ceviche last night for a group of ten people as an appetizer. she also had me print off recipe for empanada’s so it looks like we will be making them!!! He probado el ceviche en diferentes regiones de México, y lo básico siempre incluye: pescado, cebolla, tomate/jitomate, chiles, cilantro y limón. Our limon is small and brigh green. This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Ir a la Receta Imprimir Receta. Ceviche mexicano, el ceviche, también llamado cebiche o seviche, es uno de los platillos que me gusta disfrutar en el verano. I will post it soon, waiting for more daylight hours and better weather to get better photos of that recipe. In some places, especially Quito, they also love to serve ceviche with a side of popcorn. Una receta de Colombia. The amazing thing about this is your shrimp will be thoroughly cooked through but will not be dry, tough, or rubbery it will be perfect every time. Filed Under: All, Appetizers, Ceviches, Hangover cures, Meatless, New Year's Eve, Recipe videos, Recipes for Lent, Seafood, Shrimp, South America, 2019 and this is still my favorite ceviche recipe. About 3-4 tbs oil, and salt just based on your preference, add some and taste until it is salty enough for you. You can add some of the broth from cooking the shrimp to the ceviche marinade for extra shrimp flavor. I’m looking at this recipe and it does look really easy…going to try it this weekend! Patacones are a thicker cut.. and Chifles is the thinner kind.. o and if you put some cubed avocado omg it’s DELISH!!! My husband is from Guyaquil, and he has introduced me into Ecuadorian food and I not only love to eat it, but I also like to try to make new things for both of us. When you say tomato juice, do you mean literally the juice of tomatoes, or do you add other ingredients as well? They go pretty well together, but patacones are still better. En una olla con agua hirviendo añadir los camarones y dejarlos cocinar aproximadamente por 10 minutos, apagar y reservar. Receta Favorita Mis Recetas. I just made this recipe and followed it exactly. Al marinarlos en limón los camarones cambiarán a un color rosado. Tiempo de cocción 3 … I have made several of your recipes and everybody loves them. Would love to try it!! I like knowing a variety of ways to do things like this. Keep this Ceviche de Camarones refrigerated until ready to serve. Thank you for your recipes. This is amazing – will be making again and again! You can also ask for them to add some aji or hot sauce to your ceviche. Thanks again so very much!!! Then shut off the heat once it reaches a rolling boil and add the shrimp with shells on, waiting about 4 minutes until theyre cooked inside. Let marinate in lime juice for about 15 min. everything is so delicious i just had one question for you, you mention adding half beer and half water to the shrimp so it can cook.