In order to complete this task you have to deliver the pelts of seven legendary animals and thus complete seven support quests: The Hind of Keryneia (16), The Nemean Lion (22), The Kretan Bull (33), The Lykaon Wolf (36), Kallisto the Bear (37), The Erymanthian Boar (38) and The Krokottas Hyena (39). 5 legendary pelts to turn in, Daphnae no where to be found So i cleared all the legendary animals and want to turn in the pelts to daphnae but she is not appearing? Just when I thought I was having such a smooth gameplay without any bugs yet. To find Daphnae in the last step of the AC Odyssey Daughters of Artemis quest, all you have to do is follow her after giving her the last pelt. -_-PRAISE THE SUN . However, all you have to do is just follow her. She is just west of the Cave of Arktoi, at the bottom of a cliff. You’ll get to show respect to Daphnae’s cause and get into combat shortly after. 1. She will tell you that she’ll meet you at the edge of the cliff, and it sounds like you have to search for her. She’s still right there on … Deliver the pelts to Daphnae . Runeweaver 2 years ago #2. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments Alternatively, you can choose the second option, There must be another way, followed by If death is what you want. User Info: LordOfLordran. She is in the northern half of Chios, in the southern part of the Hunted Forests of Artemis. AC Odyssey Goddesses’ Hunt Quest – Daphnae Romance Kill Daphnae. Killed all the animals involving the quest. User Info: Runeweaver. Assasins odyssey deliver pelts to daphnae Video Desk. It says to return the pelts to her but she's no where to be found at temple of Artemis. LordOfLordran 2 years ago #1. If you get distracted and run off to do something else, you’ll probably get very confused. This ending happens when you pick the option If the gods will it. Loading... Unsubscribe from Video Desk? Deliver pelts to Daphnae bugged.