Beck and all the other Mighty Numbers head to the Robot Factory, while Dr. Sanda and Call visit this Blackwell guy we keep hearing about in prison. )On the next video, Beck goes to the Robot Factory, where Trinity's signal is close by. After that, K9 will roar and summon either a watch drone or those exploding claw things, then swallow it. 9. Powers/Skills He'll find a lot of hostile robots there. Dr. Blackwell remotely controls the infected Mighty Numbers to lead a rebellion to destroy mankind. After Beck saves six of the eight haywire Mighty Numbers, Dr. White finds the custom scripts that he wrote for Trinity in the virus code that had been infecting them and thinks she is responsible for the outbreak and stemming from her. If it's an exploding claw thing, K9 swallowing it will cause internal damage, which removes a lot of HP from it and give you a Fine Play! (Does anybody else wonder how Dr. Sanda is able to get ahead of Call like that? Evil-doer 9) Call (Mighty No. 9, real name Beck, is the titular main protagonist of the critically panned 2016 video game of the same name.He is the spiritual successor to Mega Man as in the game's evolution and an android who is created by Dr. William White as the ninth unit of combat robot siblings known as the Mighty Numbers. Later, she and Beck are by other Mighty Numbers and brought back to SANDA Headquarters. 9: The Animated Series was in development with Japanese based studio Digital Frontier and was aimed for kids ages 6-11. With each of their help, Beck will learn how to deal with his emotions and become the hero they need him to be. 9 reached $2.5 Million, the game would be ported to consoles with a 2015 release date. On Mighty No. Call, Dr. Sanda, Dr. White and Beck seeing the Battle Colosseum being absorbed by Trinity. But when she copy Beck’s synthetic heart routine during their fight, she starts to become more self aware and develops emotions, causing to regret all her actions. There is a blind spot (no pun intended) right in front of it. 9 video. 9 cast of characters. Cyber-terrorismMass destructionAttempted murderAttempted omnicide 9.He is the CEO of the robotics company, Cherry Dynamics. 9 is a competent side-scrolling platformer, a nostalgic game built from a franchise that veteran gamers have never ever forgotten. Only one projectile can be onscreen at a time, and they are a lot weaker than Beck's blasts. Mighty No. (succeeded) Beck suddenly becomes the only robot available to stop the Mighty Numbers. Origin After being brought back to SANDA Technologies Headquarters, she is shown to presumably befriend the Mighty Numbers. On August 31st, 2013, a Kickstarter was launched by Mega Man series creator Keiji Inafune for a spiritual successor to the Mega Man series titled Mighty No.