Two years of tax information is available on the web site from approximately March thru June 30 of each year. Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed instructions, Select the proper tax year in the drop down and click tax bill, Or call the Lake County Treasurer’s Office at 847-377-2323. Personal property Personal representative “Not according to the value.”. Taxing agency Ambulette Driver Direct Assessment Salvage Dealer Current Year An event that requires the Office of the Assessor to assess or reassess the value of a property (e.g., change in ownership or completion of new construction). The alpha letter ‘O’ is not used in the PIN. Card and Game Club Go to Payment Status in this website; Scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed instructions; Enter Pin # or address; Select the proper tax year in the drop down and click tax bill; Or call the Lake County Treasurer’s Office at 847-377-2323; Duplicate tax bills for homeowners available at no charge. Motorcycle Contest Body Art Establishment The annual bill, which includes the General Tax Levy, Voted Indebtedness, and Direct Assessments, that the Department of Treasurer and Tax Collector mails each fiscal tax year to all Los Angeles County property owners by November 1, due in two installments. A telecommunication device such as a teleprinter that is designed for people who have hearing or speech difficulties. Body Art Technician When someone dies leaving a Will. A telecommunications relay service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired. The Assessor’s Identification Number (AIN) is a ten-digit number assigned by the Office of the Assessor to each piece of real property in Los Angeles County. Annual Secured Property Tax Bill The order in which heirs inherit the decedent’s estate when a person dies without a Will. Adjusted Annual Secured Property Tax Bill For example, Fiscal Tax Year 2018-19 runs from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, and the Tax Roll Year is 2018-19. Cold Storage Warehouse A United States Postal Service (USPS) marking on an envelope or package that indicates the date and time a mail piece was taken into custody by the USPS. A protection or exclusion on a portion of property taxes. The rate or value of a property when a change in ownership or completion of new construction occurs. A numerical code necessary for completing electronic financial transactions. Pawnbroker BY ASSESSOR’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (AIN). The PIN may contain all alpha, all numeric or alpha/numeric characters. Escort Bureau TDD Equipment Custodian of the Will Entertainment If January 1st, July 4th, November 11th, or December 25th falls upon a Saturday, the preceding Friday is a holiday. Skating Rink A State program offered to senior, blind, or disabled citizens to defer their current year property taxes on their principal residence if they meet certain criteria. Theater Motor Vehicle Body and Fender A branch of the Department of the Treasurer Tax Collector for Los Angeles County, responsible for investigating, managing, and administering certain cases of deceased Los Angeles County residents. Non-Ad Valorem The assessed value the Office of the Assessor assigns to a property. Solicitor However, there are processing fees when paying by credit/debit card. In each request for penalty cancellation, a taxpayer must make a statement detailing specifically how the COVID-19 public health emergency prevented the taxpayer from making a timely payment. Salvage Collector Probate proceeding: A taxable or an assessable prior year event that escaped the Office of the Assessor, which as a result, was not added to the corrected property’s assessed value to the prior year Annual Secured Property Tax Bill. Taxable Event Current Assessed Value The property taxes that have defaulted or escaped during the prior fiscal tax year. Funeral Escort Service Acupressurist Property owners unable to submit their request online must contact our office at 213-974-2111 to complete their request. Trade-In Dealer The Los Angeles Superior Court, Probate Division. Peddler, Commercial Motor Vehicle Funeral Escort Driver Peddler, Special Events Taxicab Driver Hotel/Motel Close Out Sale Bookstore ✓ You will no longer have to worry about mail delays or post office closures. For each submission, the taxpayer will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation number. POSTMARKS are imprints the USPS applies to letters, flats, and parcels to reflect the date, name, state, and zip code of the USPS office that accepted custody of the mail. A 10-digit number (a.k.a., map book, page, and parcel) that identifies each piece of real property for property tax purposes, e.g., 1234-567-890. The person responsible for overseeing the distribution of the estate, and may also be referred to as the “Personal representative”. Hog Ranch State law allows me to consider circumstances beyond a taxpayer’s control, which prevented the timely payment of property taxes and I want to be considerate of COVID-19 related circumstances impacting taxpayers. Trust Escrow Property tax payments must be received, or United States Postal Service (USPS) postmarked, by the delinquency date to avoid penalties. The person who died. A person recognized by law, who inherits when there is no Will. Where can I find property tax information? Closing/Settlement Statement The PIN can be found on any original Secured Property Tax Bill. Purchase a POSTAGE VALIDATED IMPRINT (PVI) Label from a USPS retail counter or window. Public Auction ✓ You will no longer write a check, look for stamps, or travel to a mailbox. If either or both numbers are wrong our bank or your bank may not honor the electronic payment and return it to us unpaid. Substitute Secured Property Tax Bill Plant Nursery California Relay Service Please note that our team will not call unannounced and ask for sensitive personal information over the telephone. 2016A Public Auction October 17 and 18, 2016 Gun Dealer Should my team need additional information to support a request, we will contact the taxpayer directly via email. Exemption An additional property tax bill issued as a result of the reassessment of the value of a property upon a change in ownership or completion of new construction. (Ord. Filling Station Bingo Supplier Each electronic check transaction is limited to $999,999.99. Sawmill An auction, held pursuant to the California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 3691, in which the Department of Treasurer and Tax Collector auctions and sells tax-defaulted properties in its possession. The County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector does not endorse or support any of the advertising that may be contained on this site.