So I wanted to unlock to lvl 6 upgrade for my harpoon so I decided to completely clear everything inside Jeet's territory. A very useful skill is taking out an enemy shields. Stop Getting Your Ass Kicked in Fighting Games Today! To speed up that process, you can use the quick travel system. Max helps out Pink Eye by reducing threat in her territory and moves onto Gastown to win the V8 engine. The more you upgrade this ability, the more scarp you will receive. Look around for places painted with yellow paint - doors, ladders, secret passages, ledges and other places through which you can pass are marked in that way. I have Jeet on Zero threat, make sure u've used all air balloons to discover threats... also destroy all convoys and use Buggy + Dog to discover mine camps. Jeet territory cant get to Zero threat.. Ive done eveerything I can on jeets territory but its still at 1, I cant see any more threat lowering missions on the map other than loot locations. After completing the first two main story missions within Act 2 (Jeet's Territory), you will unlock your first Wasteland Mission provided from Chumbucket. Scrap: usually around 10. I have done all camps (except a few that are not 100% but experimenting proved that you don't need all optional objectives), cleared the convoys, cleared the minefields, got all balloons, all death runs (I don't have all vehicles yet but I cleared everything I could), and most of all scavenging locations. Thanks ^. During this Act, you will learn how to control Max and how to use his standard equipment. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. The threat level for a whole territory (like Jeet's or Pink Eye's) is different than threat level of a single terrain (like Blackmaw's or Colossus) which is part of a larger whole. Can't lower threat level of Jeet's territory to 0. Max doesn't want to help, though Chumbucket changes his mind, as Max decides to help. Jeet has a total of 5 regions within his territory. Approach the group of wanderers and give the lead your water by holding. I know that getting Dry Gustie to green gave 2 or 3 different parts or other unlockables, but there is really nothing else left to do. There are many ways to collect scrap in Mad Max. Once Chumbucket has installed the V8 engine, Max goes to the Under Dome to find Hopes daughter. To reduce the threat level on a whole territory to zero, you must completely free all its single terrains. Ammo Belt: upgrading this stat lets Max have the ability to hold more ammo, such as shotgun and sniper rifle ammunition. My current Jeet threat level is sitting at like 5% left to zero or something, and I am confused if this is a bug or if it maybe means that some other threat will appear as I progress through the story (I am currently wreaking havoc in Pink Eye's territory, around halfway through the story there). There are also Strong Scarecrows, which requires you to upgrade your harpoon to level 3. Jeet Thrives: Reduce threat to 0 in the Balefire Flatland region around Jeet's Stronghold. The project parts can be tracked by approaching that certain project in the stronghold and holding, Once you have a total of 5,000 scrap in your inventory, you will receive this trophy. This trophy will come naturally as you progress through the main story, refer to, This trophy requires you to defeat an enemy vehicle with each of the 16 Archangels within the game. Clean-up Crew Project: building this project is very efficient when going for this trophy, as every time you destroy a scarecrow, enemy vehicle, etc. Spreading the Word (Silver): Clear all threat in Pink Eye's territory. Just see what you're missing. These can be taken out using your own sniper or harpoon. You can view what Wasteland Missions you have/need to complete in the first tab of the pause menu, under Wasteland Missions. Scrap is the currency in the game. When hovering over the area you should see if it is cleared and if not so you can see if there's a sniper/scarecrow etc. The fill bar needs just one more tiny bit for level zero. Max finds the girl and then gets attacked by buzzards. Balefire Flatland? To reduce threat to 0 in this location, you must destroy/remove this following. For information on how to reduce threat in a region refer to, Pink Eye has a total of 5 regions within her territory. Skills: there are a total of 16 skills under this tab. You probably missed a minefield that you never discovered. Max has his goal to push north to reach Gas Town, though before moving on he must help both strongholds out. There are many ways to reduce threat in Mad Max, where all these must be cleared to receive this reduce the threat to 0 and receive the trophy. These strongholds are Jeet's Stronghold and Gutgash's Stronghold, where both have a total of 5 regions within their territory. Jeet territory cant get to Zero threat.. Ive done eveerything I can on jeets territory but its still at 1, I cant see any more threat lowering missions on the map other than loot locations. I had the same problem because one of the minefields would not appear on the mini map even tho i was on it. The Act begins with Max's V8 Interceptor being taken and destroyed by marauders. He gets some help from a captured Scrotus enemy, who tells Max where Scrotus is located. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. These upgrades require you to have a certain amount of scrap to upgrade max. To reduce threat to 0 in this location, you must destroy/remove this following. There are usually 2-3 snipers within each region, which can be depicted on the map via a Vantage Outpost. The Positive Side of Streaming (You Might Have Missed), Twitch Apologizes for DMCA, Mortal Kombat Film Delayed, Spider-Man Saves Will Transfer on PS5, Remote Play on PS4, Sega Sells Arcade Business, Celebrity Coming to Assassin’s Creed, New League of Legends Revealed, Fortnite Gets Enhanced, Sony Gives Free PSVR Adapter, Moon Knight Director Revealed, Fortnite Plans Future Marvel Content, Spencer Talks ZeniMax. This boss battle is similar to a convey route, though requires a few different features. Max loses the fight by receiving a cheap shot from one of Scrotus' men and falls into a whole. Shotgun: upgrading this sub-tab will increase the damage of the shotgun, and increase the barrel size. After he has helped out Jeet and Gutgash, he moves onto Pink Eyes territory. Refer to, This trophy requires you to build two of Gutgash's Projects. Insignia: usually around 4 within each camp. Complete 'Where There is Smoke' Wasteland Mission. how do i lower the treat to zero? with small hand similar to the scavenging locations icon. Dinki-Di is the Dog you meet at the start of the game. This stat has a total of 5 levels. Balefire Flatland region is located around Jeet's Stronghold. Clear all threat in Pink Eye's territory : In order to reduce threat to zero in Pink Eye's territory, you must eliminate all Scarecrow towers, Snipers, Convoys, Minefields and Camps in the 5 regions controlled by Pink Eye. Refer to, This trophy requires you to build two of Pink Eye's Projects. One of your areas has to be missing something. Knit Sack region is located around Pink Eye's Stronghold. The 8 different tabs are: This trophy is obtained after completing all non-repeating challenges within the game. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment or Avalanche Studios. There are a total of 37 camps in Jeet's, Gutgash's and Pink Eye's Territory that must be cleared in order to achieve this trophy. Oil Well - Requires you to find the parts scattered in Camps or Scavenging Locations. After winning the race, Scrotus appears and fights Max. Max fights through many of Scrotus' men and takes the car with the V8 engine to Deep Friah's Stronghold, where Act 3 ends here. The first Top Dog camp 'Gasworks' can be first seen after completing Act 1, where is located south-west from 'Jeet's Stronghold'. If you have enough of enemy patrols, reduce the threat level. Convey Routes: require you to take out the convey leader within each route. You will collect large amounts of scrap by taking over a Scrapulance or from the chests collected before or after a storm. For information on how to reduce threat in a region refer to. There are 2 Top Dog camps in each territory that can be depicted on the map via a Vantage Outpost. There are a total of 6 body colours for the Magnum Opus that can be obtained. As long as you've removed all camps, snipers, scarecrows, convoys and minefields, threat should be reduced to 0. Edge camp captured, but further highlighted in red. Just keep an eye out for them, and make sure they don't die when you find them, as you will need to find another group of wanders. The dog doesn't need the icon tho lol. Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels. There are many ways to reduce threat in Mad Max, where all these must be cleared to receive this reduce the threat to 0 and receive the trophy. Thanks to that you should avoid unnecessary roaming. Which each regions threat must be cleared/removed to 0. Collecting these provides you with a small amount of scrap. The requirement for unlocking a quick travel point is visiting them (in case of Stronghold), finding them (in the Vantage outpost you must use the balloon) or winning the race. Experience the Mad Max Universe as an open world third-person action game on PS4, while working your way to the platinum trophy. Go to the volcano near the Proving Grounds camp in Cadavanaugh and use it as a ramp. If you point at each section of the map it'll tell you how many scarecrows, snipers, convoys, camps, and minefields are completed in the area. "map bug"? Scrap will be needed to upgrade Max's vehicle, the character himself, and each of his strongholds. Most of the challenges will come naturally, though some of these can be very annoying once you have reached end game, therefore most challenges should be completed before hand. After that cut scene, it skips to Scrotus' location, and the final Boss battle begins. They are split into 8 different sub-tabs under the Max tab in the menu. Max refuses and goes out to get his car back. Complete 'Lust for Power' Wasteland Mission, and reach Gutgash's Stronghold. Secret passages will allow you to bypass some enemies and find hidden treasures. It is needed for everything related to upgrading something. the_creepshow 3 years ago #2. The boss within this camp has many basic moves, just keep dogging him with. This comes up to a total of 16 Vantage Outposts within the Wasteland. Minefields require the completion of the Dinki-Di Wasteland Mission first, refer to. You will receive some damage -- so attempt it with a fully repaired car. After defeating the Buzzards, Max takes one of their cars and returns to Gastown with the girl. I'm having the same issue. Just Rewards: Have 5,000 scrap in your inventory. Transfer Tank Camps: requires you to blow up the tanks within the camp (usually 6 or 11). This tab gives max new skills that will help take out enemies more easily. Then, drive over rocks or other terrain before driving off a cliff to get some air. Parts are required for the latter - walk towards the mentioned project and you will be able to locate them on the map. The threat level impacts the amount of enemy patrols appearing in the region and making your life harder while traveling through it.