@plusnet Hi, Check Current Status. @Plusnet Does Plusnet's parent organisation @bt_uk make it difficult for you to deal with problems or even connect your customers? But when I called PlusNet they said there's a Major Outage. Slow... very...slow and one crash after another and has today lost my folder structure and message archive. Find out our charges for our mobile customers. , @BogieOnPatrol I've a business to keep alive POOR BROADBAND is NOT helping! Avoid this poor provider at all means. My broadband is still not working AFTER 6 MONTHS. @shellthestig @JoeFildew As companies who use EE for coverage, this will also affect BT Mobile, plusnet, Asda Mobile and Virgin Mobile users too. user: lucaprivinzano Just incase you cannot contact them (not support) @Plusnet @plusnethelp. On phone for 45 mins to advisor who got me to change settings to 5 ghz so i had 2. @plusnethelp my wifi in my house is not working and the plusnet website is not working either. How do you rate Plusnet over the past 3 months? General mobile help . Was "guaranteed" an engineer here yesterday. The place to visit for any questions you might have about Plusnet Mobile Latest Topic - Mobile data. @Plusnet we signed up for broadband in September and are still waiting for the service to be connected. Don't reply to messages, don't answer their phones and fob you off. Any issues have be resolved since. Confirmed with neighbour experiencing the same. Postcode E8. Please help, @Cosette31398758 We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. @Plusnet my internets gone down Oldham, seems other people are having issues too, whats going on @plusnethelp, @plusnethelp have an no internet connection for 2 days now, router is flashing an orange light. Post yours and see other's reports and complaints Permalink. First week it took for you to decide that the Hub was having issues and it has been another week for the Hub to not get delivered yet. @JulieR_1964 Be the first to know the next time Plusnet goes down. @aBl170710 We are aware of an intermittent problem affecting EE users receiving multiple text messages, and this is something we are working on rectifying. ‘Unfortunately due to engineer availability/resourcing issues in the area, an engineer hasn't picked up the job yet andI've been advised that an engineer's now scheduled to go out on 04/11/20.’ 10 days min with no landline. It is currently unclear when the firm’s internet and mobile services will be fixed. Hey @plusnet with your award winning support how about responding to ticket 208039709 re your unusable broadband after 3 days of total silence? Contract was 18m. @DebbieQuinney Make sure to report and "downvote" such posts. @TonusStonus I'm still awaiting tech support for this... 6 MONTHS failed support so far! Award winning customer support, products and more is all yours when you join us. @robmathfc I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems with using your Plusnet mobile as a hotspot.