©2020 Lab-Aids®. Students at all levels take part in science fair. A cancellation fee of $50.00 may apply if a program is cancelled within 2 weeks of the reserved date. Science Education Research – The foundation of our pedagogical approach. There are several ways to get started on your Lab-Aids order, depending on your preference. There is no fee to reschedule a reserved date. Hidden Text. To further scientific knowledge, students engage in the work of real engineers and scientists. All Rights Reserved   |  Sitemap   |   Privacy Policy   |  Terms & Conditions. We’re happy to provide any additional documentation needed. EGG DROP SCIENCE EXPERIMENT (K-A tested-the grade school and middle school kids loved it!) We also warrant that our middle school science books meet and/or exceed MSST standards and specs developed by the National Association of State Textbook Administrators, in consultation with the Association of American Publishers and the Book Manufacturers’ Institute. Science Fun For Everyone! Our range of solutions include: We offer components that fit best with your school’s requirements and scope. We also warrant that our middle school science books meet and/or exceed MSST standards and specs developed by the National Association of State Textbook Administrators, in consultation with the Association of American Publishers and the Book Manufacturers’ Institute. Learn more about our development partners and the evidence of the impact of our programs. Please call 919.460.5800 for more details. We absolutely understand that many teachers and schools need to determine whether our programs are a good fit for their district. Learn more about our development partners and the evidence of the impact of our programs. Yes, we include everything you need to teach in an organized equipment package that is easy to access and use daily. To order by mail, please send your authorized purchase order to LAB-AIDS, Inc., 17 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, NY  11779. We collect feedback and important data during the piloting and field-testing phases, which we use to revise our programs until they are ready for use in schools around the United States. ), Join our list for the latest on products, promotions, and experiments and receive FREE shipping on your first $50+ order. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! EdReports found Issues and Science to fully meet expectations for three-dimensional learning and assessment, to present phenomena and problems as directly as possible, and to use the assessment system to show evidence of increasing student sophistication in the content from grade six to grade eight. Ex… Teachers and Parent Chaperones are encouraged to participate (free of charge). For example, The Chemistry of Materials unit has students investigate and make decisions on products based on their product life cycles and environmental impact. Get in touch with our Customer Service team. If you are interested in a specific middle school science curriculum or high school science curriculum, we have developed programs for a wide range of subjects. Our products are durable, reliable, and affordable to take you from the field to the lab to the kitchen. BONUS: 5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids (w/ Grover!) Each unit is complete with science activities for middle school students, designed to engage and inspire students in your classroom. Lab-Aids middle school programs provide educators with all of the tools that they need to … How to perform an experiment and create a hypothesis to test. Please visit https://store.lab-aids.com/about-us/easy-ordering for more information about defects and/or damages. All Rights Reserved   |  Sitemap   |   Privacy Policy   |  Terms & Conditions. ). When a child is a toddler or just hit school age, it’s vital that you help them use the science kit for the best results. Top 13 Simple Science Experiments for Middle Schoolers . Issues and Science: Redesigned for the NGSS has earned the second-highest overall scores of any published middle school science curriculum. STEMfinity has the best science resources from the most trusted STEM brands on the planet! However, these science project ideas are easy enough to expand into something that would also work as a middle school science experiment and many of them can also be simplified for kids in kindergarten, preschool, and even for toddlers! Whether you need tools for middle school science labs or resources geared to science experiments for high school, we cover equipment for 5 classes of 32 students. As students explore concepts embedded in Issues and Physical Science, they also develop an understanding of how science and technology work together in order to make personal and community decisions. Find science experiment kits for kids on topics like pH & soil testing, bacteria growing, fuel cell model making, and more! We guarantee our products and service won't mess up your science study—no matter how messy it gets. 4. Find top-selling science products based on your child’s age and interests. Each program component references the others to form a cohesive learning system for teachers and students. Generally, a full year is comprised of 5 to 6 units. With our Curriculum Builder, you can select your state to drag and drop program units by grade to fit your district’s needs, or you can start from scratch. We transform your classroom into a hands-on, FUN Science Laboratory. Additionally, the average teacher spends 12 hours working evenings and weekends - most of that time is spent grading or creating lessons. 25 Easy Science Experiments You Can Do at Home (VIDEO) Science Kits are an excellent and fun way to introduce your kids to new types of science. When first looking into ideas for projects to take on, however, it can feel a little daunting. Where should we store our nuclear waste and what do we need to take into consideration? All our core curriculum programs include equipment. Each program connects relevant science phenomena to issues that happen in real life. As your school year progresses, these activities will increase in sophistication giving students exciting, informative ways to learn about science. Correct. Yes. These science experiment ideas are all simple enough for elementary kids and are designed for kids in elementary school. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, STEMfinity has a wide selection of hands-on science resources that will fit your budget and learning environment. ET. If you’re looking to attend Lab-Aids conferences and workshops, we recommend you refer to the Educator Support page on our website for a list of upcoming events. With embedded strategies incorporated into our programs, and resources like science notebooks provided to record your student’s thoughts and observations, writing skills like note taking are acquired as part of the learning process. Our proven programs include much more than just lesson plans and science project kits for middle school students - we provide many opportunities to help develop student’s language and verbal skills. If you are interested in professional development training programs, we offer hands-on, engaging sessions to help educators develop new strategies and acquire new information. Whether you are a veteran high school teacher or have only just started teaching middle school, we have extensive resources for teachers using Lab-Aids programs. You may order by email at customercare@lab-aids.com. Whether it's (over)eager young scientists year after year, or rigorous requirements that come once-in-a lifetime. Whether you require a single activity or a year-round curriculum, Lab-Aids provides middle school and high school teachers with everything they need to focus on what matters most: teaching! Starting with a solid program allows you to get back to what matters most. Please visit, https://store.lab-aids.com/about-us/easy-ordering. Embedded strategies help teachers explore students' thinking and give students multiple opportunities to confront their preconceptions. *Most Popular* Subjects include Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Agricultural Science. When filling out the form, note that you are interested in sampling a full-year middle school curriculum activity before purchasing. Science experiments are a great way to spark their curiosity, get their minds active, and encourage them to do something that doesn’t involve a screen. A full year of the SEPUP program typically includes 5 or 6 units that can be taught in just about any order, depending on state requirements and your school’s sequence and scope. All Issues and Earth Science, Third Edition units may be purchased individually for customized sequencing. Be sure to ask for customer service. Our programs are developed by research-based institutions and based on hundreds of studies and publications and reviewed by external evaluators to measure student learning. We are open Mon- Fri 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. By applying varied activity types through simulations and investigations our science books provide consistent structure without the downfalls associated with repetitive, boring content. Yes. Our teacher resources include. We use hundreds of publications and studies as part of our research-based design process to ensure we develop curricula that are best for students. They also collect and analyze data, explore scientific phenomena, and apply their newfound knowledge to decision-making issues brought up in each unit. These kits will introduce more complicated science topics and may come with smaller parts in the box. Part of the University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, SEPUP embodies research-based development and is a vital part of what makes Lab-Aids effective for students and teachers around the United States. Science. I feel like I spend more time prepping than teaching. Follow your interests to pick the right science fair project for you. Whether you can't wait for science fair or can't wait for it to be over, these science fair kits can make it better.