This year, the deadline is set much earlier. Learn more here. Please check and make certain that your passport will be current at the time of your scheduled exam. It means that the Dec 2020 exam will be the last paper-based exam for all levels! Before you choose your CFA exam date, download this free, Level I will be offered four times a year, Level II and Level III will be offered twice a year, CAIA® - Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, Professional Designations and Certificates. You may change the date and/or test center as many times as you want but every change is going to cost you money. Trusted by thousands of CFA and FRM candidates each year. So if I select Feb 2021 for my exam date now do I neef to pay extra fees? I have not registered for the June Level - 2 exam yet. I am facing an exact similar problem as yours. We will notify candidates via email when admission tickets are ready. Hi Anand In some cities however, we have not been able to do so. This is the unfortunate uncertainty we are facing with COVID-19, so if you choose to go for the Dec20exam, it is worthwhile staying updated with your local government's guidance and the coronavirus situation where you live, and have a think of alternative nearby test centers you can go to at a short notice now, so you're prepared to act/book quickly if it gets cancelled. That's a huge change! The application window is now open so you'd better log into your CFA Institute account to find out more. Just keep checking and they will definitely increase capacity in the coming weeks and months to accommodate everyone who was postponed as well. Level II candidates who prefer to wait until 2021 can choose to sit for the exam in May or August 2021. The deadline for December 2020 test center change requests has passed. Click here to access 40 hours of FRM video lectures. * Importantly, the 25 May-1 June exam window may vary depending on your test center or geographic area. 25 May - 1 June 2021 Level II Please verify that the email address in your CFA Institute account is your primary email address. If you have been twice impacted by COVID-19 (meaning, deferred from June 2020 and then again impacted in December), you will have the option to request a refund. i was not awarded the scholarship but i was given a program credit what does it do? Hi, After that, you can go back and check your preferred test center for seating availability at your optimal exam date. So new Level I candidates can now only register for May, August and November 2021. Are you an original June 2020 Level 1 candidate? Here you’ll find some new CFA exam calendar dates, especially those which emerged owing to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic situation. I have registered for L1 exams in Dec 20 You can! On 20 August, the registration for 2021 computer-based exams opened. Exam Dates for 2021. The above shows that the Institute requires at least six months waiting period between exam dates. Refund requests will be accepted between 7-21 December. At most centers, candidates will be seated six feet apart, and we will allow personal cleaning and sanitary supplies. All Rights ReservedCFA Institute does not endorse, promote or warrant the accuracy or quality of AnalystPrep. most important May 2021 level 2 and level 3 CFA exam dates, choose one of the days from 25 May to 1 June*, take your CFA exam on one of the days from 25 May to 1 June, you need to register for your May exam, which means you need to pay due fees, You may change the date and/or test center as many times as you want but every change is going to cost you money, go back and check your preferred test center for seating availability at your optimal exam date, Usually, the results are released 7-8 weeks post-exam for level 2 candidates and 9-10 weeks post-exam for level 3 candidates, May 2021 Exam Dates: Registration to Results, CFA exam is going to be delivered in proctored test centers on computers, postponement of Dec 2020 exams due to COVID-19, read more about level 2 and level 3 exams. There are many concerns about the Dec exam being postponed again. What it means is that for your chosen test center, there may be fewer exam dates available, i.e. They are doing it for the ones who are contacting them. & if i clear in Dec will August be available for L2. Hi Nayana, it may be best to contact CFA Institute about this, as although appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis, there may be planned test centers which have yet to be confirmed (, and would not shown in your scheduling options as yet. Hi Paula, you are right that you should not be asked for additional fees to defer from Dec20 exam to any 2021 CBT exams, as it is still before the 20th Oct deadline. After impacted test centers are announced, we will email impacted candidates within 24 hours to alert them, at which time they will find a complimentary registration in their account. They will help us out.,,, CFA® Program Course offered by AnalystPrep, 2021 CFA® Exams – New Exam Dates and Registration Fees, The Complete Study Guide and Outline to the Level I of the CFA® Exam,,, Exam topics – The Institute will still test on. You will not be allowed to sit for the exam if your passport is expired. 19 August, the registration for Dec 2020 CFA exam closed for good! Below, you can find all May 2021 level 2/level 3 exam dates related to registration and scheduling. The soonest opportunity will be December 5, 2020 for Level I. If you use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. @Shruti Sonik Hi. Yes - absolutely! My name is Dora Maldonado. 1) to stick with Level I on December, 2020 and do the Level II exam on May, 2021 or August 2021 (even Level III would be possible on November 2021 if I do Level II on May). Helo, There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Hi Hari, the CBT test center sittings are on a first-come first-serve basis, so it depends on availability. For this reason, CFA Institute decided to postpone the CFA exams, and in so doing, allowed candidates an extra 6 months to study. In 2021, Level II and Level III will be offered twice a year. Yes. All other factors held constant; more study time directly translates to increased chances of passing the various exams. Hi Team, I am a Level 1 passed candidate. Did they change the last date to 28th Oct? Registration Closes. Click here to access 40 hours of video lectures. If I sit Level 2 in May 2021, can I register for November Level 3 in 2021. That is why: Required Disclaimer: CFA Institute does not endorse, promote or warrant the accuracy or quality of Soleadea. The December exams are the last of the paper-based exams. Do you know if it takes some time before I'm able to re-register without having to pay the full amount once again, considering I was not offered any refund? Usually, the results are released 7-8 weeks post-exam for level 2 candidates and 9-10 weeks post-exam for level 3 candidates. . At a high-level, we need four things to be able to administer an exam: The global pandemic has created significant challenges with several of these requirements: we need twice the space within each venue to accommodate social distancing requirements; local governments have regulations in place restricting the number of people who can gather for indoor events; venues are reticent to execute contracts in uncertain times; and proctors are unwilling to commit to long periods of time in confined spaces with hundreds of people. With all the constraints that we and our CBT vendors were facing, it was not feasible for the first LII or LIII CBT offering to be any earlier than May in order to meet our rigorous requirements. 20 October 2020, 11:59pm ET: Deadline for postponed June 2020 candidates who have not re-registered, and candidates who want to move out of the December 2020 exam, to register for any 2021 exam Saturday, 5 December: December 2020 exam, EMEA and AMER all levels; APAC Level I Starting in 2021, CFA Institute will now be offering the exams four times a year, with each quarter having an exam date. From 2021, all CFA exams (all levels) will be delivered in proctored computer labs only! Hi Sanjur, regulator scholarships are slightly different in that they are awarded by CFA Institute to eligible organizations, not to individuals directly. From 2021 onwards, Level 1 candidates now have the option to sit for the exams 4x a year in February, May, August and November. CFA Institute recommends 300 hours of study time to pass each exam. You will need to re-register for one of the exam administrations available for your level and will have until the end of each registration deadline to re-register. And tell them the same thing. CFA Institute says that if the exam gets canceled in your area, you'll be notified immediately. NOTE: Registration for a computer-based exam is a two-step process. You can also buy it post-registration if you like. I have already emailed to and waiting for their reply. Map your journey through upcoming exam cycles. At the moment, this policy has not changed. Many thanks. FOR A LIST OF THESE LOCATIONS, VISIT OUR TEST CENTER UPDATES PAGE. Wish you luck :), All dates relevant to the latest CFA exams are as below. You do have to make the decision to study for the next level before receiving your pass/fail result, which as you pointed out correctly, could mean the difference between having 6 months study time, or just 4 months study time. Usually CFA Institute follows Eastern Time. The exams will be offered in February, May, August, and November. Regarding the preponement of exam registration dates, Hey, Registration will be open on 20 August for all levels and all dates for 2021 computer-based exams. Specific details about your options, including registration deadlines, should have been sent to you via email by CFA Institute. The Level I CFA® Program curriculum seems like a daunting amount of material... August 19, 2020 in CFA® Program, FRM by Faith Muasya. CFA Exam Dates 2020 (Out)- Get Complete Exam Schedule Here. Thanks a lot! Ultimately, three insurmountable factors have forced us to conclude we cannot administer exams in certain locations: We will inform candidates who are impacted via email as soon as possible following each decision. Yes, that's completely fine. All Levels: access to our STUDY PLANNER 3.0 with improved chance-to-pass-scoreTM, benchmark study timesTM, proper review-on systemTM, motivational messages & study tips, and more... To get an individualized offer, please contact us on chat (right-hand bottom corner of this page, click ).