In this case, you can opt for a pink ombre pixie bob hairstyle with pale mauve highlights that will undoubtedly place you in the center of attention. Even if tempted to think that you can’t get too much out of a pixie haircut, this article will make you reconsider that. A long pixie hair is extremely versatile because it can be styled in so … Therefore, you can devote more time for dressing up and go out with your messy hairdo without any effort whatsoever! In other cases, talk to your stylist, and he will come up with some ideas that will make this haircut suit you. A very short pixie haircut can easily be turned into a stylish pixie with side swept bangs. Sometimes drawing out a silhouette for the edges of your pixie cut can give it a neat and organized effect for those who hate the messy designs. Such creative pixies are wonderful for special occasions and can easily be turned into the classics later on. Check these hairstyles if you are a teenager. The pixie haircut for square face will also look gorgeous with a pair of rounded glasses that will soften your appearance. When you are a woman who loves to express her bubbly personality through her hairstyle, this pixie cut is the gem you’ve been searching for. Make a temple fade and create two razored line designs. Natural pixie with side part reduces the unnecessary volume and draws the attention away from the forehead. You have all the tools to make the right choice. So the question isn’t about who should wear a pixie, but more about what to do to make a pixie suit you. Keep the bangs long and straight to outline the facial features. Play around with some colors to create a perfect style. Moreover, it can reflect your bold and fierce personality. Therefore, you can go for the mod and messy or classic and elegant or whatever you have in mind. Because texture and dynamic movements in hair styles are what make them so unique and attractive in any look. If you ever think about getting a chopped disheveled pixie, then you might want to go for it while pairing it up with a blonde hue. Highlights can always bring out the best in your facial expressions. Because right now she can look strong, sleek, and independent with a relatively short pixie cut. Let them go crazy on the barber shop floor! Therefore, you can conclude that longer sides and tops can add a lot more volume and shape to your pixie design. Pull off that Marilyn Monroe ravishing image by curling the longer strands and wearing black eyeliner and red lipstick. But how can you style it? Platinum Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs, women over 50 can look great with boyish hairstyles, Pre-Twisted Hair for Crochet Twists – 7 Things You Must Know, 10 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles for Short Locks, Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in 2020. Short hair length doesn’t mean limited hair options. This disconnected women pixie cut is more age-specific to the youth category rather than extreme working professionals. If you are aiming for drastic changes and willing to completely change your whole look, then the Miley Cyrus pixie might be the one for you. Making a side part is a great way to change the shape of your pixie. Having longer hair in the front and shorter in the back with women pixie cuts can be set in your favor. These hairstyles are highly adaptable and provide a lot of styling options, and at the same time, they are quite low-maintenance. Tapered pixies have a great and wild look. Such pixie is a great way to keep thick hair tamed. The way the hair is arranged produces a soft and smooth look, which any woman will love to have for special occasions. Try this boyish pixie to freshen up your look. Keeping it in place might be a little complicated, so make sure to use some quality hair gel. When you have feminine features, a boyish pixie with shaved sides hairstyle is a look to go for. A curly pixie is a wonderful way to create an adorable look which is always a great hit. This somewhat messy pixie is a great choice for those women, whose hair is too thin to provide enough volume or too thick to make a classical pixie. Use wax if your hair is thick enough to bare the powers of hair pomade. Thus, simply ask your stylist to trim the sides to a minimum while maintaining a relatively long top to get this look. The fringes add some special flavor to this simple pixie. Because, even though you want to look on point, you still got to fulfill your everyday wear requirements which probably include minimum efforts. Making soft waves on your pixie is a great idea for any type of hair. Adding a spike is a great way to diversify a short pixie. Making a neat pixie is a great idea for women with round faces. Select a dark caramel hair color, and don’t forget to also dye your eyebrows. It looks rich and has the inner glow you need to shine in the spotlight. Short pixie haircuts may seem too simple to some women, so adding some interesting changes is a way out. So, the ingredients to make this flashy style is a creative stylist with the vision for this kind of designs. This pixie haircut for older women will look fabulous and will save you a lot of time. For example: with the help of some hair pomade you can scrunch your hair with your fingers and voilà! A very short pixie is the answer to all of your problems. This is a great short pixie hairstyle for those girls who don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror. You just need the courage to do it! Making curls on top is a great idea for a special occasion. This pixie doesn’t require any hair cosmetics to stay in place. Classical short pixies are always a great choice for any woman. However the pinkish pastel tones in the bang work best for girls with a cool complexion. When you are a passionate woman, you want to express that through all your pores, especially using your hairstyle! Textured Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs, 47. Letting the hair be a little tousled is another great way to create a fabulous short pixie hairstyle. It’s all about face shape, bone structure, and personality. Shorter hair gives you the opportunity to focus on something other than your hair that usually takes up most of the view. Obtain a wet look by using a small amount of hair wax. Blond is always a great color for almost any woman. Keep the bangs short as well to maintain the style. A cropped pixie is a great idea for women with oval face shape. For those girls, who don’t really like short hair, but still want a nice looking pixie, will appreciate the long layered pixie haircut. Adding some color to your pixie is a great idea. Play around with your bangs to create a style you like the most. Pixie hair with a fade is undoubtedly a hairstyle to go for! Pull off a smokey-eyes makeup, and you will obtain a feminine appearance that will make you look fierce.