Wall had traditionally been shunned by tournament players, but the Stronghold Walls were strong enough for tournament decks. The most realistic (and likely best) thing to use Stronghold for is a way to get back Gempalm Incinerators. More posts from the custommagic community, Press J to jump to the feed. Doesn’t sound like all that, does it? Terrain Generator is just so slow, and warping my mana base for this one card probably isn’t worth it. Against decks like UB Shadow I’ve had a great time recurring Gempalm Incinerator and Matron to just grind my opponent out. Some people bring in Pyrokinesis in this matchup, but I think most of the time I’d prefer to just have more creatures to throw in the way of Goyf, and Kinesis feels pretty terrible vs a board of Goyf and TNN. That’s stupid,” and stopped doing that. Legendary Land {T}: Add {C}. These are the 20th, 21st and 22nd expansion sets, respectively. The en-Kor were not a creature type, but were nonetheless united by their ability to freely redistribute damage from themselves to other creatures. Change ), (and claim that people without 4 PDs are secret Show and Tell agents trying to make our deck bad), Earwig Squad (on play; leave a Goblin Piledriver in on the draw to have another 2 drop), Goblin Sharpshooter (unless playing against TES, leave out the 2nd REB), Mogg Fanatic (unless you see Young Pyromancer), Stingscourger (unless you see Nivmagus Elemental), Goblin Lackey (on draw, -1 Goblin Piledriver on the play). They basically reimagined Magic as a sci-fi game, rewriting the flavor to make it space-themed. Flavor: The seed of a world's evil. Fortaleza de Volrath. $11.25, As low as: BR Reanimator: Unfavorable pre-board, Even postboard. Yes, this is on a land, but it’s not filling a hole that black needs filled. Thanks for the advice. Earwig Squad RRR is a rough mana cost, but you’ll get there eventually, and Aether Vial certainly doesn’t care. UB Shadow: Favorable, Slightly Favorable postboard (Current Match Record: 5-2). Over, Under, or Just Right? Sorceries means this plus time warp wins you the game. Sometimes it won’t matter and can come down when you weren’t gonna play anything. Deep in the Dream Halls, Gerrard learns that Volrath was his former blood brother Vuel and the one who stole the Legacy. The sideboarding here is a little dubious, I’m particularly loathe to cut  Piledriver, but I can’t find what else to cut; while Squad is very potent, it does force you to tap 3 mana, which often means you’re not holding up wasteland, so watch out with that one. Tempest Remastered is a Magic Online-exclusive set released on May 6, 2015. $0.00. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. My own build is pretty idiosyncratic, embracing the controlling elements of the deck, while still retaining some of the combo elements of the Warchief + MWM + Skirk plan. At the beginning of each player’s upkeep, that player chooses target player whose graveyard has fewer creature cards in it than their graveyard does and is their opponent. Early on, having this land is bad. ANT is a much better matchup than TES for what it’s worth, but they’re both pretty rough. Most say this is our best matchup, and while I don’t think that’s quite correct (Mono Red Stompy is my personal nomination), it is very, very good. perfect. I already liked the black splash because of the discard spells and Earwig Squad, both major boons when combo is popular.