Subtropical Storm Theta formed last night. 2020 please stop!! 2020 is officially the most active hurricane season on record. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. This shift could impact our weekend forecast in NC. Turn on FOX50 at 10 for a closer look at what this shift means for us. You have two options here. An additional launch opportunity is availably at 3:00:11 p.m. Sunday. Remove the dowel, and then add some white glue to the hole. Each field mill is about the size of a coffee can and is mounted inverted on a sturdy tripod to ensure it continues to operate in heavy rain. Yes, Jon Rahm with an ace for the ages in Masters warmup, List: Triangle restaurant Thanksgiving menus, Finalists revealed for WRAL Voters' Choice Awards, Shop local this weekend during this virtual sale, Where to find Santa across Raleigh, the Triangle in 2020, Holiday lights: 11 spectacular Christmas light displays across Raleigh, Triangle, North Carolina, Cooper: Limit indoor gatherings to 10 or fewer. View all, 96 NC counties and 1 VA county are under alert, including Wake, Cumberland, Durham, Johnston, and Orange counties. Place the felt-covered plastic lid onto the coffee can and secure. Place the plastic lid upside down in the center of the tan felt. If the rate of vibration is within a certain range—from 20 to 20,000 vibrations per second—then you hear a sound. This surprising instrument is fun to make—and even more fun to play. Step 5. If you press too hard and the dowel goes through, just glue it back together. 45% of coffee brews from commercially available coffee beans contained ochratoxin A . As ice crystals high within those thunderstorm clouds flow up and down in the turbulent air, they bump into each other, building up static electricity. To play your cuíca, take the moistened cotton cloth in your hand, reach in through the open end of the instrument, and rub the cloth up and down along the long end of the bamboo skewer. It's on track to make landfall in Florida again tomorrow. Pipe white glue around and on the top of the plastic lid. Close the coffee can. For us, the trailing cold front will offer up heavy rain. You might also notice that larger cuícas make lower-pitched sounds than smaller cuícas. NC reaches record 3000+ new cases, 1,246 in the hospital with COVID-19, Georgia audit to trigger hand tally of presidential vote, UNC-CH student, dog injured after being hit by car while crossing street, NC's COVID hospitalizations at an all-time high. Pockets of heavy rain are likely Wednesday. Kids love music and banging on pots, pans, and plastic containers. In this activity, you’ll build a cuíca (“kwee-ka”), a musical instrument that originated in Africa but is commonly played during Carnival festivities in Brazil. Turn on FOX50 at 10 for an update on the tropics and tomorrow's rain timeline. We'll show you where rain is now with DualDoppler5000 and help you plan... Now on WRAL Morning News: Scattered rain is moving through some of our communities this morning and it will continue through the afternoon. All rights reserved. Allow everything to dry before playing your new drum. But some back of the envelope suggests that the station will in that favorable position mid next week. NASA and SpaceX will try again on Saturday for a launch at 3:22:45 p.m. EDT. Electricity looks for the easiest path. Of all our weather cameras, Chapel Hill has been the wettest so far this AM. It's on track to make landfall in Florida again tomorrow. On TV this AM I'll show you what time to expect the rain. San Francisco, CA 94111 If you encounter flooded roads turn around, don't drown! We'll show you where rain is now with DualDoppler5000 and help you plan for the day ahead. I'll show you the timeline on... Of all our weather cameras, Chapel Hill has been the wettest so far this AM. But a series of more than 30 electric field mills measure that built up energy. Push the skewer through the hole in the lid so that a little bit (about 1/2 inch or 1.25 centimeters) is sticking out the top (click to enlarge diagram). A library of free craft ideas from toddler to teenager. While the threat of rocket generated lighting passed about 10 minutes after the scheduled launch time, launch windows for the Falcon 9 are "instantaneous" essentially a second wide, leaving no room for delays, weather or otherwise. There's some serious ponding of water on the roadways so be very careful driving through the evening. Editorial: Election's focus now on voters and ballots, not politics and posturing, Pandemic creates longer waits for home appliances, Walmart teams with GM to test autonomous deliveries, Shop local this holiday season via the WRAL Holiday Directory, Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stopping in North Hills, Wake Forest, Cook like the Pros: Perry's Steakhouse sea bass, Vigil held for Durham teenager shot and killed, 7 closings/delays reported. @wralweather #ncwx. Leave the plastic lid on the coffee can. Fog will lift by 9am or so but we will see more clouds and few showers this afternoon. Several reports of flooding and water rescues are coming in from Wilson and Wilson County tonight. We have caught one on our Tall Towercam view from Southeast Wake County looking toward downtown Raleigh. Plan on leaving the house early and giving yourself some extra time. Use tape to cover any sharp edges. Torrential rain is falling and water levels are rising quickly. Inside … An ascending rocket can compresses an already strong electrical field to the point where it breaks down. In fact, this rule is generally true for all instruments: Larger instruments make lower-pitched sounds than smaller ones. Cut two pieces of string a few inches (several centimeters) long. A beautiful foggy view from Longleaf Golf and Family Club in Southern Pines. (415) 528-4444, Get at-home activities and learning tools delivered straight to your inbox, © 2020 Exploratorium | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights |, Bernard and Barbro Osher Gallery 1: Human Phenomena, Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery 6: Observing Landscapes, Bus Routes for Field Trips and Other Groups, Resources for Supporting Science Teachers, Inquiry-based Science and English Language Development, Conference: Exploring Science and English Language Development, Resources and Collaborating Organizations, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, An empty metal can (such as a coffee can) with a plastic lid—any size will work; in fact, different-sized cans will make different sounds, A small square of cotton cloth (for example, material from an old T-shirt) moistened with a little water. Remove the plastic lid from the coffee can and set it aside. Be extra careful driving in the area! Trim and smooth in place with your fingers, be sure the end of the yarn isn’t sticking out. A Flood Advisory remains in effect there until 7:15. Cut two ½-inch wide strips from the magenta felt, enough to go around the coffee can at the bottom as well as at the top, around the tan felt, covering the rubber band. Secure the ends by tying then together inside the can then complete the project. A Flash Flood Warning has been issued for part of Nash, Wilson, and Edgecombe Counties until 9:15 PM. Put some glue on the dowel just below the ball and wrap some excess yarn around it. This will be your drum head. Cut the paper the same height as the can. JUST IN: The flash flood watch has been expanded to include all of the viewing area, including the Triangle. Storm surge and heavy rain will affect the west coast. It's pouring here at 6:30am. Here's a look at rainfall estimates between now and Friday morning. Do not cut the yarn into pieces; simply follow the lines, gently pressing the yarn into the glue as you go. The highest totals are in the east and that's where we will have the best chance for flooding. JUST IN: The Storm Prediction Center put several of our counties under a level one risk for severe storms this afternoon. Use glue stick to apply glue all over construction paper then press on to the coffee can. I'd love to hear them. Elizabeth and Brian will keep you updated on road conditions in the morning. Heavy rain & localized flooding will be possible in some areas. Some isolated flash flooding (when water rises rapidly) will be possible. You can help us reopen—donate today. We have a lot to chat about in the WRAL Severe Weather Center. Step 3. These vibrations push and pull on the surrounding air, causing the air to vibrate. Please be safe on the roads tonight &... Several reports of flooding and water rescues are coming in from Wilson and Wilson County tonight. JUST IN: Parts of NC now under a level 1 risk for severe storms today. If it doesn’t, you may want to add a few drops of hot glue to keep it attached. Pockets of heavy rain are likely Wednesday. Wrap the rubber band around the coffee can, securing the tan felt border to the side of the can. Since most coffee shops use unground beans to make the freshest coffee possible, you’ll want to add an industrial coffee grinder to your coffee shop equipment list. While there was no lightning in the immediate area as the most recent storm had passed sufficiently out of the area and cells moving eastward from Orlando had dissipated as expected, the rocket itself posed a lighting risk in the charged environment.