Expected Job Growth by 2028: 10%. Generally, to do this, you’ll need a postsecondary nondegree award or an associate degree. Median Salary: $47,300 Conductors coordinate activities of train crew on passenger or freight trains. website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. It takes a year to 18 months to get adequately trained and obtain the relevant qualifications to repair and service vehicles. Job Description: Plan, direct or coordinate operational, administrative, management and supportive services of a U.S. post office; or coordinate activities of workers engaged in postal and related work in assigned post office. Not that you will do any of the above during your first few months, but you will at least be in the same room as the people who do them. This is not a job for somebody with a fear of heights. Job Description: Operate railroad track switches. Use a variety of fasteners, rod-bending machines, blowtorches and hand tools. Includes seismograph shooters. All rights reserved. Professional Mermaids are essentially models with a twist (in the tail that is). Residential work is much shorter. This is a job that can be dangerous. However, you would still be the envy of your friends and family. With the cost of college rising, high paying jobs that don't require a college degree are in demand. Expected Job Growth by 2028: 9.7%. If you work as a blockmason, doing commercial jobs, those tend to be longer projects — as much as two years, possibly. Job Description: Collect evidence at crime scene, classify and identify fingerprints and photograph evidence for use in criminal and civil cases, and investigate. Expected Job Growth by 2028: 8%. Despite rising high school graduation rates, the number of students getting college degrees in the U.S. has dropped. Many insurance sales agents have a college degree, but you may not need one. Job Description: Directly supervise and coordinate activities of transportation and material-moving machine and vehicle operators and helpers. Average Salary: $52,650Prior Education: High School Education. While workers with an associate's or bachelor's degree do earn more on average, there are some relatively high-paying careers out there for people without a college degree. Among the U.S. News list of the 100 Best Jobs , these 25 offered the highest pay without requiring a degree. Median Salary: $43,550 Your ultimate goal is to provide business enterprises with guidance and individuals with advice to make the best possible investment decisions for current market scenarios. Copyright © 2020 by WTOP. If it’s made of metal, you may help make it. You can help support our work by becoming a subscriber today. Average Salary: $71,070Prior Education: High School Education. Entry packages start from $62 000. Average Salary: $73,480Prior Education: High School Education. You can get a job with just a High School Diploma, but a medical billing course could help you land an entry-level opportunity paying $30 000 in your first year. You’ll want to be a person who enjoys being immersed in details; insurance often isn’t an easy topic for a layman to understand. Software Engineers are the whiz kids that make synergy happen between IT and Engineering departments. Auto mechanics, also called service technicians, inspect and fix cars and light trucks, focusing on engines, transmissions and braking and steering systems. Resume Examples You typically don’t need any more than a high school diploma to be a carpenter, but it will help if you know basic math to calculate floor space and wall heights, and more complex trigonometric formulas to make right angle cuts. Average Salary: $60,580Prior Education: High School Education. Job Description: Operate or control petroleum refining or processing units. If you become a sound engineering technician, you’ll typically work indoors — often in radio, television, movie and recording studios. Expected Job Growth by 2028: 10.7%. From now through Nov. 7, we're providing FREE access to election coverage, made possible by our subscribers. You may land a starting role at $27 000 up to $34 000 depending on how far you are willing to go and the amount of time you agree to spend away from home. Median Salary: $52,770 May direct and stage presentations. In these jobs, luck has nothing to do with it. Job Description: Install, dismantle or move machinery and heavy equipment according to layout plans, blueprints or other drawings. Also, if you don’t want to quit your day job to wrestle with words, try it as a freelancer and get paid about $50 per project. Simon Sinek, business leadership guru, and founder of the ‘’What’s your Why” concept, often relays this message during his leadership and management seminars: “You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. Expected Job Growth by 2028: -1%. There may not be a lot of growth, currently, in the auto mechanic industry — the -1% really means little to no change, according to the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — but it’s still a profession that requires qualified, skilled people to work on cars. These workers use power tools to finish the surfaces of poured concrete used for sidewalks, roads, curbs and floors. It’s the type of job that you can get a college degree for — but you can become a sound engineering technician with a high school degree. This is a growing industry with lots of opportunities for youngsters who have completed the one-year certification course. Enough of the wordplay, these shoppers play the part of guidance counselors advising, directing and facilitating customers to acquire the best possible garments for their shape, budget, and personality. Job Description: Operate or maintain stationary engines, boilers or other mechanical equipment to provide utilities for buildings or industrial processes. Job Description: Operate machinery to install roof support bolts in underground mine. It’s also worth noting that you may be called in for a plumbing emergency — so you may be working some weekends and evenings. Average Salary: $83,150Prior Education: High School Education. In other words, their work protects us from the elements whether we’re at home or in an office building. Job Description: Select, fit and take care of costumes for cast members and aid entertainers. Expected Job Growth by 2028: 8%. Fancy a whopping starting salary of $86 000 without an ounce of experience? Average Salary: $56,760Prior Education: High School Education. Electricians install and repair electrical power and other systems in businesses, factories and homes. A traditional four-year college degree is not the only route to a high-paying career. Job Description: Position and secure steel bars or mesh in concrete forms in order to reinforce concrete. These workers use bricks and other materials to construct or repair walls and various structures. Resume Templates, © 2020 ResumeViking.com - All rights reserved, How and When to Follow Up on a Job Application, > Chronological, Functional, & Combination, > Jobs over 60K with a High School Diploma, Is a Cover Letter necessary or not? Expected Job Growth by 2028: 7%. That said, you may not work in, say, a hospital or at a physician’s office. – (UX Designer  & Web Designer resumes). On this one, any inkling of claustrophobia is a no go, and you shouldn’t be scared of rats either. You also will likely need to get a license before becoming employed as a hearing aid specialist. Technically, you can get by with no more than a high school diploma for this job — but plenty of college graduates become real estate agents, and it’s a field where you use just about every skill you can imagine. Job Description: Set up or operate a variety of drills to remove underground oil and gas or remove core samples for testing during oil and gas exploration. Includes auxiliary equipment operators. Average Salary: $53,990Prior Education: High School Education. There’s a lot to this career. Median Salary: $59,340 The market for this career isn’t expected to grow much throughout much of the 2020s, unfortunately, but according to the BLS, a -1% growth is little to no change. Those are often important ingredients to being a successful sales representative. The average starting salaries are between $32 000 and $36 000. Coordinate transportation and storage of imported goods. You don’t need a college degree, but most automotive service technicians and mechanics complete a program at a postsecondary institution, according to the BLS. With these opportunities, you can walk straight out of high school and into a full-time position. The art of managing public perception is the number one aim of public relations. Average Salary: $54,750Prior Education: High School Education. If you can portray a good general understanding of marketing and business principles during your interview, you stand a real chance of landing an exciting opportunity at a reputable publicity firm. Average Salary: $54,560Prior Education: Some College or Associate's Degree, High School Education. Average Salary: $55,500Prior Education: High School Education. Industry certification is often required after you get a job.