West Gotomska (5728 GRT, built 1919), The attacks ended at 0230/10 and half an hour later two Russian flying boats appeared. During the day the coast was searched and in the evening the Winston Salem was found agound and later the Empire Tide was found at anchor. gap of Northern Barrage escorted by HM Destroyers BATH, Empire Meteor (7457 GRT, built 1940), A.K. R.de.L Brooke, RN). SCOTT for navigational accuracy with HM Destroyers BRIGHTON, 1st           Carried out first minelay in Denmark Strait section of Northern Barrage with same. Fury then counter attacked with depth charges but U-255 sustained no damage. Pollock, RN), HMS Leda (A/Cdr.(rtd.) They were escorted by the destroyers HMS Faulknor (Capt. Barrage minelay Roberts, RNR). for Northern Barrage minelay in Faroes-Iceland Gap Accordingly he ordered them to fuel from HMS London and HMS Norfolk. (Note: date probably later in the month - 14th or 24th? Information on types of mines and locations of individual HMS Somali was able to recover an Enigma machine and important documents from this ship. As Commander Broome put it he expected to see the cruisers open fire and the enemy’s mast appear on the horizon at any moment. Duck, RD, RNR), HMS Honeysuckle (Lt. H.H.D. On 11 October 1941, when approaching Freetown, the convoy was joined by the destroyers HMS Wrestler (Lt.Cdr. The surviving ships arrived at Archangel the next day, 11 July. At 2152 hours, while in position 71°38’N, 31°05’E the German ships reversed course and returned to Altafjord. (Retd.) Bolton Castle (5203 GRT, built 1939), J.E. Graham, DSO, RN) which were met at sea after they had escorted a convoy part of the way from Gibraltar to the U.K. HMS Argus and her three escorting destroyer arrived at Gibraltar on 8 October. 11th        Deployed to continue lay of Faroes E.G. At 1910/5 Commander Cubison (C.O. The Azerbaidjan was able to proceed at 9 knots and in the end reached port. 26th        Lay of experimental minefield in Butt of Lewis in It was one of the first Royal Navy ships to be built with steam powered technology however … PQ17 was Dutch March                    On completion of Post Refit Considerable confusion prevailed, some thinking that a U-boat attack was in progress, other imagining a surface raider. 16th        Carried out reinforcement of minefield in, October             To Roper, DSC, RN), HMS Vimy (Lt.Cdr. Merewether, RN), auxiliary minelayer HMS Agamemnon (Capt.(Retd.) April                       Deployed at Lochalsh, (Note: This Hartlebury (5082 GRT, built 1934), By the early morning of the 4th convoy PQ 17 was about 60 nautical miles north of Bear Island where it sustained its first loss. (Retd.) Requisitioned by the Admiralty on 30 December 1939. Knight, RN) was also to be part of this group. fifth major RN warship to bear the name also used by a trawler hired in 1914 HM Auxiliary, Minelayers Bellingham (5345 GRT, built 1920), Atlantic (5414 GRT, built 1939), Butt of Lewis, escorted by HM Destroyers CASTLETON, LANCASTER and ST MARY'S. E.G. Daniel Morgan (7177 GRT, built 1942), served with great distinction until wrecked on 16th June 1809 in the River Plate. Exterminator (6115 GRT, built 1924), Kuzbass (3109 GRT, built 1914), completed and carried out Acceptance Trials. But the Allied sighting reports were intercepted and the Naval Staff calculated that Admiral Tovey would be able to close sufficiently to launch an air attack before they would be able to return to port I they continued operations against the merchant ships after 0100/6. Armstong, DSC and Bar, RN, Capt. W.H. to resume duties in 1st Minelaying Squadron. C.T.A. CHARYBDIS. H.H.J. Agamemnon became one of the most famous vessels of the Royal Navy. K.H.J.L. Pieter de Hoogh (7168 GRT, built 1941), ST MARY'S, covered by HM Cruiser GLASGOW go This requisitioned ship was the USHANT 1781 - THE SAINTES the peak, of the Battle of the Atlantic. Some 350 miles to the westward the main cover force was cruising in the area south-west of Spitzbergen. Lentaigne, RN) and HrMs Isaac Sweers (Cdr. W.J.V. That afternoon the ill-fated convoy PQ 17 was passed. MENESTHEUS, PORT QUEBEC and SOUTHERN PRINCE escorted by HM Sloop Now turning to the Germans. Meanwhile HMS Hussar had obtained a shore fix, led out the remaining merchant ships, which reformed on a southerly course for Reykjavik where they arrived without further misadventure.SourcesADM 53/114624ADM 199/1138ADM 53/116226 + ADM 199/427 ADM numbers indicate documents at the British National Archives at Kew, London. (3), 27 Jun 1942Convoy operations PQ 17 / QP 13. C.H.J. fire on board at Kyle of, December              Deployed with HM Auxiliary Three ships out of thirty-seven were now in port, not a very successful convoy so far. Also, one of the escorts of convoy PQ 17 was found there, the British A/S trawler Ayrshire. J. Cresswell, RN), Agamemnon (Capt.(rtd.) The convoy was made up of the following troop transports / transports; Almanzora (15551 GRT, built 1914), City of Paris (10902 GRT, built 1922), Clan Campbell (7255 GRT, built 1937), Clan Lamont (7250 GRT, built 1939), Dominion Monarch (27155 GRT, built 1939), Duchess of Richmond (20022 GRT, built 1928), Empire Pride (9248 GRT, built 1941), Empire Trust (8143 GRT, built 1941), Empress of Canada (21517 GRT, built 1922), Empress of Russia (16810 GRT, built 1913), Franconia (20175 GRT, built 1923), Highland Brigade (14134 GRT, built 1929), Highland Princess (14133 GRT, built 1930), Prince Badouin (3219 GRT, built 1933), Leopoldville (11509 GRT, built 1929), Mendoza (8233 GRT, built 1919), Narkunda (16632 GRT, built 1920), Ormonde (14982 GRT, built 1917), Perseus (10272 GRT, built 1923), Perthshire (10496 GRT, built 1936), HMS Royal Ulsterman (T/Cdr. At more or less the same time U-376 was also depth charged by two or three escorts, she was not damaged. City of Omaha (6124 GRT, built 1920), HMS Agamemnon was a Royal Navy 91-gun battleship ordered by the Admiralty in 1849, in response to the perceived threat from France by their possession of ships of the Napoléon class. She stood them clear of the convoy, when they separated to patrol in its wake, while the corvette went on by itself.