Knowledge Base. Danny G. How can I get the exact production date or production batch by serial number? Enter serial number, Model number located on Hard drive and select your country click submit to know the warranty period left for hard drive. Translation, we get so many RMAs we need to stem the flow somewhat. Note: For certain products, the model number is no longer included on the product label. Seagate Warranty & Returns - Policy, FAQ's, Warranty Status & More. @AnonymousThanks buddy, you are welcome stay tuned for more productive stuff to come. 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You have to Enter the serial Number of your Seagate Hard drive in the given box. Invalid Serial Number. Utilisez le bouton ci-dessous pour déposer une demande de garantie auprès du service Seagate approprié. Chrome to notify after completing the adware Scan. Besoin d'aide pour trouver votre numéro de série ? Your Product Model Number SerialNumber. What a waste of time. About Joel Picardo. So let’s talk about how you can check the warranty status of your Seagate hard disc online with these easy steps. I had the same issue with my wd veloraptor and when I checked they showed it as out of warranty landing it in the trash can (after Mr. Hammer visited it). Contactez-nous pour soumettre une demande ou connaître le statut de votre dossier de récupération. They probably want the size of genitalia if people relinquished. So today we are going to talk about one of the most important components of our laptop and PC. Programme Seagate Technology Alliance Program, CORTX : Logiciel de stockage d'objets intelligent, Rack Lyve Drive : Infrastructure convergée, Plates-formes de convergence pour les applications et le stockage, Carte d'extension de stockage Seagate de la Xbox Series X|S, Disque Seagate Game Drive pour Xbox - Édition spéciale Cyberpunk 2077, Disque Game Drive pour Xbox Édition spéciale Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Disque Game Drive pour Xbox Game Pass Édition spéciale, Disque Game Drive pour PlayStation Édition limitée Marvel Avengers, Disque Game Drive pour PlayStation Édition limitée The Last of Us Part II, Solutions de calcul hautes performances (HPC). Side note: Since these days purchases having been made online, and hard drives are not an exception, coming to the point online stores or shopping sites now clearly show warranty status of drive on the product page. Your email address will not be published. Most of the hard drive manufacturers give a warranty of 1 to 3 years including Seagate. Seagate, a real tight ass control freak trying to look, oh-so, religiously prim and proper. That is pretty terrible. It broke down 1 week prior to the 1 year of my purchase date. The warranty begins on the date Seagate ships the drive, as is standard practice throughout the industry; in many cases Seagate also adds additional months in warranty protection to allow for the time the product may take to work through channel supply chains before it is bought by an end user. I wonder if this is a usual occurrence with some electronics to get out of warrantying their items. Seagate is the #1 manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions worldwide. À l'origine, ce produit faisait partie d'un plus grand système. Filed Under: tips and tricks Tagged With: Hard drive. This is how you can check the warranty status of your Seagate hard drive and other products made by Seagate. Both times after some forceful arguing from me they accepted my receipt date and honoured the warranty. Wouldn't that get a slot on 60 minutes in a very short amount of time. You could try making a stink on social media. Helping thier ego and pensions, of course. So long as your drive was purchased by one of our approved vendors, we will only need a copy of the proof of purchase in order to honor the warranty. Enter your serial number below to check if your drive is still under warranty. 2. Maximise your benefits as a valued partner. The abandoning of control back to normality is only to be countered when abandonment is running amok. Just received back a response. Have you performed some mercy mission for the benefit of mankind only to be told, “Bugger off you midget ..”? How To Join Medium Partner Program From India And Earn Money From, Fury Unleashed – Full Game Gameplay + Ending. Si votre produit ne fonctionne plus, déposez une demande de garantie ci-dessous. 8. First off, they require both the serial and the model – as if different models can have the same serial number. Change the warranty policy and I'll reconsider. Your hard drive won’t be replaced if burnt. Just like royalty and the pope, eh?,,,, After Clicking on the Warranty & Replacement option it will open a new window. Retrouvez des documents spécifiques aux produits, des articles de la base de connaissances, des vidéos et d'autres outils en libre service. Pour afficher toutes les informations sur votre garantie, connectez-vous au formulaire des retours. Contacted Seagate. Now Click on the “Warranty & Replacement” option on the Third upper Box. 2. Check your drive's warranty status and browse our warranty related documentation. Find product-specific documentation, knowledge base articles, videos and other self-service tools. Now, I know that doesn't help aigo. Since these days hard drives failing very frequently, to check health condition of your hard drive you can use free Crystal Diskinfo. Vérifiez si la garantie de votre disque est encore valide et consultez nos documents sur la garantie. Vérifiez le numéro de série saisi et réessayez. Can anyone confirm the above? Use the DriveDetect.exe method to find both numbers. © A computer’s CPU consists of the hard drive, ram, processor, motherboard, ram, and graphic card. CCleaner 5.74 enables Automatic Updates in Free version, how to disable? Hello Venkat, 2. But if he checks the warranty status of Seagate hard drive online, he will find his drive has another 4 years warranty. Note: The Drive Detect tool and SeaTools are not compatible with LaCie drives. Bienvenue ! ❓, À l'origine, ce produit a été vendu dans une région différente. How Kratom is Taking the Crypto World by Storm? Please check the serial and product numbers entered and try again. What if after all the testing you find that your HDD is not under warranty? This code allows our customers to verify if the product is genuine, it provides the ability to check warranty or to get more information about the drive. First off, they require both the serial and the model – as if different models can have the same serial number. Step 2: Enter the serial number placed on the back of your Seagate hard drive/disk, Step 3: Select the country you have purchased the hard drive/disk (If you are not living in a country where you purchased the hard drive/disk then send a mail to Seagate customer care), Step 4: After you have entered your serial number and put your location you would be able to see the warranty status of your hard drive/disk. If your Seagate hard drive comes under warranty then you can go to your nearest service center and get it replaced. Access and use of this system constitutes consent to system monitoring by Seagate for law enforcement and other purposes. Please see your product box or quick start guide for the applicable warranty period for your product. Seems like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen if it's not clear from the outside of the box when the warranty actually ends. Secondly, they force you to test it first before even checking if the drive is under warranty or not – yup, The “Sea Tool” crapping test. Seagate Baraccuda and SATA - I'm completely ignorant, ***OFFICIAL*** Ryzen 5000 / Zen 3 Launch Thread REVIEWS BEGIN PAGE 39.