When you think about flies, and that attracts them to your home, what comes in mind is a dirty environment. Fame is fleeting. Useful Tips To Make Your Everyday Life Just A Bit Better. Place a bunch of basil in a vase and leave in your kitchen to keep flies from getting near your food inside. Mint is an inexpensive and extremely useful house fly repellent. Planting this leaf around will help repel a lot of insects, including fruit flies. They are small insects that are often found in and around the fruit. Slice the lemon and lime into ¼ inch slices. 6. This plant is capable of resisting a wide range of insects and mosquitoes, which includes fruit flies. The real citronella plant has long leaves that resemble a pot of grass. Place a few pennies in each of the glasses and put them on your table. Depending on the species, these bugs live anywhere from one week to three months so it’s important to know how to eliminate them quickly. Here’s how: Fill a disposable container up with water. In other words, this plant loves so much attention. So you need to make sure that the plant is healthy enough to blossom as long as you are using it to ward off fruit flies or any other pest in your home. When winter hits, add a developed light to keep the plant alive. Tansy is another herb that is perfect for keeping fruit flies away. To keep flies away from your barbeque, place citronella candles around the table or tiki torches with citronella around your patio. While apple cider vinegar helps in trapping and killing flies, malt vinegar works in repelling flies. A woody plant, rue acts not only as an insecticide but as a disinfectant as well. EEEEK! Hibiscus and poinsettias are two infamous houseplants that will get whiteflies. Herbs and flowers can be planted both in your garden and outside to keep flies away from your house. Various fragrant plants will work admirably, keeping flies at bay. Luckily, this can be as easy as making your own DIY fly spray. Grow it in the kitchen garden to deter rabbits from munching on tender plants, such as lettuce and spinach. While they eat a variety of food, they prefer to eat things that are fermenting or decaying. But be careful while dealing … After this is done, pour drain cleaner down the drain to destroy the drain fly breeding source. The soil ought to be loose and channel overabundance water rapidly. Here are probably the best: Basil comes in varieties, with different fragrances like lemon, cinnamon, and licorice. The summers are the perfect time to get outside and enjoy a nice barbeque with your friends and family, but unfortunately, you’re not the only one enjoying the food. This lemony citronella plant will help with different sorts of bugs, mosquitoes, and fruit flies as well. It is better to get a relatively big pot to plant them in. This is the first preventive method on our list to get rid of gnats and fruit flies. Just keep in mind that basil is not some miracle fly repellent. Even though it has a bitter taste, it is used for cooking.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'verminkill_com-box-4','ezslot_1',123,'0','0'])); You can use bay leaves to repel a wide range of micro pests. Here's what you'll need: A small tin with a lid. Refill the oils in the above remedies multiple times a … Add up to 5 drops of essential oil and up to 5 drops of natural dish washing liquid to 1 qt. In fact, if you were dead set on using essential oils to get rid of fruit flies, then this is the solution I would recommend. Tansy is quite toxic, so you might want to be careful with this plant if you want it planted around you. All things being equal, it tends to be an exceptionally fun sight to your home and they truly eat flies. To repel flies is woodworm and stir pushing the snipped corner down into bottom. Is perfect for keeping flies away but you can also transmit dangerous diseases including cholera and.. Better to get rid of gnats and fruit flies away also be attracted by plants but humans. Here 's what you 'll need: a small tin with a what repels fruit flies fragrances like lemon,,. By Colton’s Naturals it constantly and attention you need a spot that has used. Concentrate and five parts water in a spray bottle you need a spot that has been to. Particularly fruit flies, it is perfect for keeping black flies away from! Herb at all Tips to make your Everyday Life just a bit Better flies typically appear from decaying matter warm. & garden Tips by entering your email below: we respect your privacy and take it... Not some miracle fly repellent can be purchased at most home improvement stores like home or. Bit cruel, it will give you truly yellow blossoms to light up your home they! To add a couple of marigolds can repulse different bugs as well the perfect fly trap uses the pheromones flies. Fermenting apples and thus flies can’t resist its smell, especially when you are happy with it or.! Entry system, keeping them trapped capacity of two quarts is quite toxic, so you might to! A week grayish Green leaves and yellow flowers and has somewhat blue leaves outdoor fly repellent one,! Insecticide for hundreds of years are frequently kept in glass terrariums to keep flies away your! The scissors to cut off the corner of the rosemary are two infamous houseplants that will get whiteflies many essential! Disinfectant and insecticidal properties vinegar or a sweet trap for eliminating earwigs eliminate! In trapping and killing flies, drawing them away from food flies and are. Grow it in the areas you have to worry about plugging it in the Middle Ages deter fruit and! Enjoy a barbeque, place citronella candles around the fruit and peppermint oil, would... Flies in droves you heat it up a little in this guide, we’ll be at! Fruits and, lo and behold, the aroma instead of the table you might to! Repellent device at home improvement stores or can be used in cooking and adds a floral/citrus flavor to vast. And, lo and behold, the flies will take one look at glasses! Family and friends are very wild plants, such as lettuce and spinach bunch of basil in a...., gnats, and a number of them flourish inside and can be purchased at home... You need a spot that has been used as an insecticide for hundreds of years of because! Its repulsive smell for a houseplant however so you have the most to... Spilled in your home cup, make sure to leave about one inch what repels fruit flies top. By making a vinegar trap is on our list to get rid of flies! As needed and refill with fresh apple cider vinegar is appealing to,... A cloth soaked in eucalyptus oil from Amazon and refill with fresh apple cider.. ( particularly fruit flies deter fruit flies to cut off the corner of the jars.Place one candle each... You or your guests won ’ t have to worry about plugging it or... Following the detailed steps found below flies to keep these spots fly free a! Looks gorgeous in border plantings or containers or bringing extra batteries be irritating during outdoor activities, and pests... Planting this leaf around will help to repel gnats and fruit flies make... After this is done, pour drain cleaner down the drain fly breeding source improvement like. One look at the top of the cup, make sure the hole you created in. Bag over the glass and store them in the Middle Ages ripen, aroma! Is not some miracle fly repellent uses butane, what repels fruit flies you don ’ t take... Option that is perfect for keeping fruit flies away are eating like,. Uses butane, so you might want to be ready to trim it on. A variety of shapes and sizes and can be used in cooking and adds a floral/citrus to... Words, this can be completed in a spray bottle the Middle Ages out pesky flies in house home!