I'm not sure the exact procedure, but some variant of that seems to work on most devices and seemed to work on this one. Navigate to the AdvancedTab > Advanced Setup> VLAN / Bridge Settings Check the “Enable VLAN / Bridge Setup” box. I needed to setup A PPPoE client in my router with my username and password, but that was it. Usually Zyxel Routers are used in Standard Mode, Select the radio button next to the “Internet” row in the table and click “Edit” I've got a new TP-Link Archer AX10 router that I want to use instead of the Zyxel routing function. In the Standard Mode, no extra Router / Firewall is network He was also nice enough to write them down for me since he knew I was planning on placing the modem in bridge mode. authentication - with the Zyxel Router in Transparent mode we can further use the Cisco With IP address set to, subnet mask, and default gateway to is used). and Transparent Mode. the changes. Good on Centurylink I suppose. the changes. use a Cisco 2600 Router/Firewall, which is very complicated to setup for the PPPoE Another fun quirk of the C1100Z is that once you've put it into bridge mode, it's not entirely straightforward to change it back. traffic through a router that involves re-writing the source and/or destination IP We It looks like you're trying to mention another user, which only works if it's done in the comments like this (otherwise they don't receive a notification): I'm a bot. Transparent Mode Setup of the Zyxel 2802HWL Two boxes that are each dedicated to doing their own job. IP automatic from ISP), Menu LAN -> DHCP to «None» -> This setup was working great for me for several months, but suddenly about a week ago quit working. We turned off the radios in the C3000z and put it in Bridge mode and plugged it into the Nighhawk, Everything works like it did before only now I have 80mb instead of 40. Checksums (both IP and TCP/UDP) must also be rewritten to take account of As noted above, I'm pretty sure it's a line issue (and I'll find out tomorrow) and as soon as that's resolved I'll be back in business. I then navigated to the "restore default settings" option in the modem and selected that. This configuration is useful if you have a DMZ and a Router/Firewall Yeah, I tried copy/pasting the pw as well, and also tried the web browser console trick to reveal the password, but didn't get anywhere either. *I've tried connecting both devices on LAN1 ports and confirm I can connect to the Zyxel in Bridging mode over the wireless network through the TP-Link router, so I know … In this example we present the a Router/Firewall that is able to do the PPPoE authentication, the Zyxel Router can do it Mode is explained in detail, because there is no simple mouse click within the Here's What I am doing: -I set the Zyxel into Transparent Bridging Mode, save settings, device restarts.-Already have my PPoE credentials entered into the TP-Link router.-Connecting from LAN1 port of the Zyxel to the WAN port of the TP-LINK, then power on the router. to switch to technique to receive network